What Technology is Required?

The systems and personnel for designing, launching and operating space missions already exist.

Integral to the SCX is taking existing (designed, tested and even in operation by launch companies) upper stages and re-tooling them for propellant storage, including adding thermal control systems for long-term cryogenic storage. Designing and implementing these kinds of modifications, which focus only on commodities storage, are achievable and form a core part of SCX’s funding goals.

Space Tugs, under development by various aerospace companies, can also be integrated into the SCX.

The actual Exchange will be based on the technology and processes used by established existing exchanges, e.g. London Metals Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and will be backed by physical stockpiles of commodities in orbit.

What External Technology Needs to be Developed to Make the SCX Possible?

While the SCX relies on commodities from space, it can use the same material launched from Earth.

The physical technology to extract commodities from the Lunar surface (e.g. craters) and asteroids is under development by several private companies and their progress is increasing.

When extraction technology is in operation, SCX plans to be the first to buy and sell these new sources of vital commodities.

SCX’s planned orbiting facilities can be purchased in several years and customized.

Future space craft can be designed for multiple commodities storage, refueling, transportation and refining.

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