Product Listings

Space Commodities Exchange is developing Over the Counter Forward Contracts for ordering:

1. Propellant: Hydrazine, Xenon, HTP.

The market drivers are spacecraft that need to extend their missions and increase their manoeuvrability.

2. Water, Oxygen, other volatiles.

The demand is from crewed space stations and potential Lunar bases that need water and oxygen to maintain life.
Delivery Locations: Low Earth Orbit, Geosynchronous Orbits, and Earth-Moon Lagrange Points for CisLunar operations.

Market Participants

A Futures Market for Commodities and Space Swaps will be the financial fuel of the NewSpace economy. SCX plans to develop a liquid futures market for space commodities.


Companies that want to lock-in commodities at a fixed price, at a future date, in a specified orbit.
Speculators that understand the supply and demand of commodities in space.
Governments and Space Agencies that need to lock-in commodities in space to support their science and exploration objectives.


Companies wishing to fund the launch and storage of on-orbit commodities.
Companies that have capabilities to launch and position commodities to specific windows of time and locations, e.g. orbits and inclinations.

How to Get Involved

As a prospective Buyer or Seller, get in contact with SCX.

Example Product Listing

Products will be listed with a launch date, and information relating to the precise specified orbit for delivery.

ProductLaunch DateInclinationAltitudeLTANMassPrice
HydrazineQ1 20240-10°GEO + 200kmNA100kg$100,000 to $200,000Order
XENON2024/TBCSSO600km10:30am100kg$50,000 to $150,000Order
XENON2025/TBC0-10°GEO + 200kmNA100kg$100,000 to $250,000Order


For more detailed information, please contact the Space Commodities Exchange.

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