Investor Relations

Funding Required for the Space Commodities Exchange

Phase I – Year 1-2: Equity Seed Capital of $US 250k from private sources will establish a Project Office.

Estimated return on investment is 30-40% over 10 years.

Phase II – Year 3-6: Another Equity Capital raising, probably $US 30m. This would enable the SCX to launch at least one orbiting depot into place and begin commercial activity. Estimated return on investment is 20-30% over 10 years.

Phase III – Year 7+: Debt Capital raising, probably US$ 100m, potentially a Public Private Partnership, where companies and nations’ space agencies come together. The funds will be used to position multiple depots in orbit and scale-up operations. This stage of funding may rely on infrastructure-focused financial instruments from the finance sector.

Estimated return on investment is 10% over 5 years.

As a Potential Investor, What’s the Next Step?

Choose at which point you would like to invest, Phase I Equity Seed, Phase II Equity, or Phase III Debt.

Contact us, a Non-Disclosure Agreement is required, and more detailed information can be supplied such as:

  • Business Plans and Modelling
  • Technical Specifications
  • Supply Chain Overview of Asteroid Mining

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