Orbit Fab to Deliver Fuel in Geostationary Orbit, via the Moon

Already the leading supplier of refueling ports for satellites, Orbit Fab announced that it will soon be launching the first propellant tanker to geostationary orbit. The company’s second tanker will establish flight heritage on all the elements of the company’s tanker technology, which has been designed for the harshest orbital…

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No Going Back: NASA and SpaceX’s Lunar Ambitions sets off the Orbital Refueling Race

April 19, 2021 —Following developments in space technology requires a seasoned ability to pick the signal from the noise and currently there are noises a plenty; too many to add another semicolon and filter-in the favorites. The recent decision by NASA to choose SpaceX as “Option A” of the Human…

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Orbit Fab to launch first fuel tanker in 2021 with Spaceflight

Orbit Fab Tanker-001 Tenzing

Orbit Fab, a startup preparing to establish fuel depots in space and a co-founder of the Space Commodities Exchange, announced an agreement on November 17, 2020, with Spaceflight Inc. to send its first microsatellite into orbit in 2021.  From the article in Space News: Under the agreement, Orbit Fab’s first…

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