Space Commodities Exchange

We are designing, building, and delivering the marketplace for space commodities.
From re-fuelling and extending the life of satellites with earth-based deliveries, to supplying moon bases with the commodities vital for life, and out to forward-ordering the extraction of minerals from asteroids to manufacture-in-space the structures and space craft which will make our species truly interplanetary – these and many more technological advances will be enabled by the Space Commodities Exchange.

Space is filled with the resources that we will need to sustain a growing, spacefaring civilization. Water, minerals, and other valuable commodities found on earth, are also found and in space; far exceeding those available on Earth.

The developing economy of space resources will be driven by the extraction, processing, transportation and utilization of these commodities.

A robust space economy will require a regulated public market where buyers and sellers can meet and transact business for space commodities and services using standardized commercial contracts.

Lunar water miners and asteroid prospectors will need to sell their raw materials to space manufacturers and other consumers.

The Space Commodities Exchange will provide a regulated exchange for transactions and orbiting facilities for deliveries to take place.
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